Luca Casonato

I work at @antipycorp, and go to school. I use Linux on my PC. I love rockets and space.


TLDR: I work at Antipy πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό, and go to school 🏫. I use Linux 🐧 on my PC πŸ–₯️. I love rockets πŸš€ and 🌌.

I started out my career as a developer when I was 9. A friend from school showed me what Batch was. I started making some simple games like rock, paper, scissors and tools like a calculator.

At around age 13 I started trying to do web development. I made my first site with a friend. It was a horrible site.

Around that time I also started working with microcontrollers like Arduino, and tiny computers like the Raspberry PI. I started a computer club at school where me and a few friends would teach students how to make basic websites and how to run basic commands on Arduino.

After some more software projects one of my current business partners Jaap Aarts and me built a scheduling system for our school because we were fed up with the one they were using. It had a horrible user experience.

At some point Jaap, DaniΓ«l and me started a company called Antipy. We develop custom software for microcontrollers, mobile, desktop and web. We use JavaScript, React, Go and Rust or anything else that is hot right now.

Some of my personal intrests include: space, astronomy, computer hardware, the climate and politics.